Longboat - Life

LIFE by longboat

No two longboat projects are the same but each is underpinned by the same founding vision to create homes built for life - the life of our planet, the life of native flora and fauna and the flourishing of the people who live there. This is eco-centric living without compromise.

Architecture and property is inherently political as its makes a statement and takes a stand around social issues. In fact, there’s potentially nothing more political than living conditions and our environment. Our stance is there’s a better way to create living environments for our future and rather than talking about it – we’re doing it.

Longboat attracts buyers who share our philosophy and values. We attract mindful buyers who are seeking a home that reflects their ideals and who appreciate the lengths we go to in building eco-centric homes.

Longboat employs a consulting ecologist at the start of each project to ensure the landscape and built form should work as one. The orientation and placement of buildings on each site is informed by the ecology and designed to ensure every project becomes a haven for local birds and wildlife. Our two most recent projects, Eternity and Bowerbird have both received environment awards by the Victorian government. Our Eternity • Life project was awarded Land For Wildlife and our Bowerbird • Life project was awarded Land For Gardens. We believe we are the only developer to receive these accolade.

While the birds and animals are being cared for, our human residents can also enjoy outdoor spaces abundant with trees and shade. We believe trees are essential to emotional and mental wellbeing – providing much needed aesthetic respites in our urban environment.

Bowerbird life

The Bowerbird’s nest served as inspiration for Bowerbird Life.

Every longboat project is designed with sustainability as part of its DNA – not as an add-on. The carbon footprint of every apartment is minimalised for today and long into the future. Year-round comfort and ongoing maintenance and affordability are there from initial design strategies and material selection to minimal energy consumption and the flexibility for future adaptation.

While every project is different, we deploy various strategies such as solar panels, high ceilings, hydronic heating, natural ventilation, thermally broken double glazing, solid mass timber construction, recycled water use, 5 star WELS appliances and many more.